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1 week in but wow


So this is my first time joining one of these pages but here's my story. I am 30. I had bad asthma since the age of 7. Every 6 months to a year I would have z bad asthma attack that would send me to the hospital. After a divorce at age 24 I started smoking 10 a day. Over the 5 years that I have smoked I have not been hospitalized and all attacks were small and manageable. I am on zenhale and ventilin. After 5 years of a slight cough and still needing puffers I decide to quit smoking to hopefully leave the puffers behind once and for all but my asthma after 1 week feels the way it did before I smoked. I know that they will shorten my life longterm which Is why i want to quit but i cannot shake the feeling that someone they stopped me from having serious attacks and I will go back to what I remember without them. I have had sudden jolts of pain in my heart. I feel like I've pulled muscles in my heart chest and back, and my wheeze is worst. Reading some of these post helped, but knowing I had bad attacks before and seemingly after smoking but not during is confusing.

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Vicky681 Year Smoke Free

I would work closely with pulmonologist while quitting it may help with anxiety induced attacks.


Welcome Fatherof4 - congratulations on over 1 week smoke free, well done!

We have had a couple of members on here saying the same thing about stopping triggering attacks - as Vicky suggested. keep in close contact with your doctor. Below is a link to a post a few weeks ago from beth-1997 which may be helpful


Keep us updated on how you are getting on when you can....

12 days for me today without a cigerette. It is the longest I've done without giving in but I will honestly say I would really love a smoke lol. I've still been dealing with an excess amount of mucus, so here's hoping it is still going to adventaully improve.

Vicky681 Year Smoke Free
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How are the asthma attacks. The mucus will continue for about or so more as lungs clear out

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