12 days, 1 hr, 42 mins...who's counting? - No Smoking Day

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12 days, 1 hr, 42 mins...who's counting?

mmaya1 Year Smoke Free

It feels weird to be counting again...I don't even know why am I counting!

I think I might be slightly ocd with some aspects of my life.

All good, really nothing to report, I've resumed back to my non smoking days.

Got my wisdom tooth removed yesterday, I'm in a bit of pain, Thank God I stopped smoking, imagine having to smoke with stitches on your mouth huuurghhh...

Anyways, I'm in bed, weather is rotten , I'm not feeling great, I'm enjoying being a non smoker and not having to put the jacket on and go outside for a quick one - that always made me feel like a junkie.

Keep strong everyone :)

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Jwk19621 Year Smoke Free

mmaya, hi there, your talk of getting teeth removed reminded me of getting 2 teeth pulled on same day, . Afterwards I was trying to smoke, I kept bouncing the cigarette off my NUMB lips....

I thought that might put a little smile on your face😐

It gets better....🚭🔠 Jeff

mmaya1 Year Smoke Free

It would put a smile on my face, only that it is too swollen to move lol

Oh God, the pain!!!


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