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SheenaLValued Contributor

It has been a long time since I have been here, but I am glad to report I am still smoke free. The last few days have been stressful, making me stare blankly at cigarettes at the gas station, but my mind tells me no. I don't have a daily desire to smoke anymore, but now I have noticed that I have replaced cigarettes with food. Although I don't eat near as much as I did when I first quit smoking, I am finally seeing it first hand that when I get stressed, suddenly I am hungry. I am addicted to cinnamon gum too. Gotta have it after I eat and driving in the car. I also make sure I pop some in my mouth when I am hanging out with smoker family and friends. I can go days without thinking about cigarettes, but the only thing that is keeping me from taking a puff is thinking how difficult it would be trying to take smoke breaks every 30 minutes. I hope one day I will be out of the woods. No I will not smoke, but I hate that I want to even after over a year smoke free. Anyway, have a great day!!

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Karina123Valued Contributor

Hi sheena I’m so glad you are staying quit and I think is normal for all of us to feel the way you do .

The extra eating is something we all can relate here .and that sudden desire to smoke that crosses your mind for fraction of seconds ,Is something most of us experience .

It’s a year for me and I agree is not that difficult .Is about staying strong the first days after that is super easy because your body and mind totally adjust.

It’s really posible for all of us to recover .

You are doing faboulous Sheena Keep it up !

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