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No Smoking Day
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Almost 30 days smoke free

Im on day 28 of being smoke free! Definitely proud of myself. However today is my last day of the 21 mg patch and I'm feeling a bit nervous because I titrate down to the 14 mg tomorrow. Almost makes me wish I would have quit cold turkey! I just know the cravings are going to hit harder since I'm getting less nicotine in my system. I'm trying to get mentally prepared so I'm moving my treadmill from the basement to my bedroom in hopes that I will put it to use when I'm about to lose my mind! Any other tips would be sooo helpful right now.

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Good to hear from you BobbyJ01 - congrats on almost 1 month, a huge milestone to achieve, hope you have a treat lined up for it

I stopped cold turkey so can't offer any advice on the patches other than it is a good idea to wean yourself off them, have faith in yourself and embrace the cravings, they only last a few minutes and will get easier to overcome and less frequent and severe for every day that passes smoke free.

Lots and lots of water, keep as busy as possible, deep breathing and bit of fresh air to clear the head. If you feel you are loosing your mind, post here as often and about anything, we have all gone/will go through this stage.

Be kind to yourself too, take time out, lots of early nights do help especially after a tough day :)

Stay close to us....


You are chugging along nicely. I cant imagine there is going to be a huge difference between the patches. Have a bottle of cold drink nearby if you feel abit edgy. You can and are doing this

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You dont have to change the mg patch if you arnt ready. If you need to stay on step 1 a little longer than do so. You will know when you are ready. Good luck!

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How is things now BobbyJ01 - over your 1 month milestone :)


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