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No Smoking Day
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Find I can’t start today. Just found out that my cat has a tumour. Had him 18 years from a tiny kitten. Stray. Think he’d been frightened and ran away. Wasn’t old enough to leave his mum. That day was very eventful. Just bought bridesmaids dresses for my 2 little nieces, later future mum in law fell & broke her leg, later amputated. So feeling bit emotional at present. He’s been a great comfort to me over last few years since hubby died. He was hubby’s cat. Will post again later.

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Sorry to hear of your cat CiggieStardust - hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, we have to endure life's struggles and pressures on a daily basis just like non smokers do. From your previous attempts in the last 2 months and all you have been through, you just are not in the right mindset and torturing yourself so I would suggest taking a step back and reflect - continue to read up here and and online on addiction and how you can succeed. Perhaps come back to us when you settled into your smoke free journey as you are putting unnecessary pressure and stress on yourself posting about beginning your journey again and slipping.

We will still be here for you. Wishing you strength :)

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Have thought things through Roisin and you’re right , again I’m not in the right mindset. Unfortunately I’ve now made the decision to have Spats put down. There’s no point in prolonging his life the way it is now. He’s my old soldier, always very feisty especially with the vet . But now he stays in his cardboard box - not his many cat beds . He’s a different cat . But I promise to be back sometime, hopefully not too long XX Maureen


I put my kitty down on October 21st. I am still a mess but definitely better than I was. I suggest crying and getting the grieving out as much as you can. It really did help. Also try to imagine your husband welcoming you baby when the time comes. It was such a difficult decision but I know it was the right one. What stinks is my cat was only 10 but had lymphoma. You are doing a wonderful thing by not letting it suffer. Give it a few days and then try to quit again. You might surprise yourself how strong you are. I am on day 5 and struggling but keep logging onto this site about every 20 minutes to help cope. Stay strong!


Thank you Allynk. Saw how my other cat went and didn’t want Spats to get to that stage, so now he’s gone to meet his old “mucker” as my hubby called him, and his “mum” Benjie xx

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