gulp !!!

hi 52 yr old single mum and carer for two of my boys. On Wednesday night it was pouring down and blowing a gale and ii found myself asking why am I going to stand out in that to suck on a little white stick. So I threw the pack of cigs in the bin and haven't had one since finding it tough though so going to the quitting clinic todayh as I lead a pretty stressful life anyway wish me luck :)

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  • Good luck! Sounds like you have the mindset to make this work.

  • Welcome to our community CAS65 - huge congratulations and well done on Day 3 - that is a great achievement - your mindset is good. I too quit cold turkey 2 years ago, woke up in the middle of the night coughing and gasping for breath and decided there and then I was going to stop, never looked back but was/is a bumpy road, very bumpy at times - by end of today the nicotine will be out of your system and the mental battle will start as your brain and body rewires, repairs and recovers. Have a read of below pinned post if not already done, wishing you continued strength and positive attitude, you can do this - post anytime :)

  • How are you getting on now CAS65 ?

  • Good luck Cas65. I keep trying myself. Have just done 2 weeks and then started again last night 😔 But I'll be back again very soon. It felt so clean to be cigarette free.

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