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It's my hubbies birthday next month and several members of our family are coming to celebrate, most of whom are smokers. Although it will be18 months since I quit I have started to worry about coping with having a lot of smokers around me. I know it's silly to worry as I hardly think about smoking now, but I can't shake the thought of being tempted whilst they're here.

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  • Hi Jean, this feeling is perfectly normal at 18 months quit and I personally think it is a good sign as we are preparing to attack if needs be - I had the same fear and anxiety for a concert I had back in May - as was surrounded by smokers the whole day and good bit of drink too, but was prepared - there wasn't a bother on me - you will be grand too ;)

  • Hi Abuelajeannie - I was 2 years quit there at the beginning of the week and overcame a serious fear going to my dentist for the first time in over 10 years, had the appointment on Tuesday morning and really thought about having a cigarette just to calm me before the appointment but it lasted all of 10 seconds or so as just thought back to the last 2 years and how far I had come to give in for something that would not have helped, just keep thinking of how far you have come any time you think of having one if it happens during the visit of your family :)

  • Where do these thoughts come from after been quit for so long? I've had the odd moment when stressed where I thought a cig would help, but it lasted seconds but having smokers in my home for a couple of weeks is what bothers me. I am always around smokers in the bars I frequent here in Spain and it doesn't affect me at all but knowing that at least 3 people are going to be smoking around my home for 2 weeks, is what I'm dreading.

  • Yes, if temptation arises, just keep thinking about far you have come...

  • Agree with Roisin and Phobic, be prepared to fight and resist any temptation, you have come too far :)

  • I do agree, I can't really believe I'm so worried. We're in the middle of an extreme heatwave in Spain, think it's addled my brain. ive had smokers visit last year and earlier this year, actually hated the smell so I'm just being silly worrying about it.

  • Was just going to say Jean, that remembered you got on fine previously when they were visiting but if it does cause problems maybe have a back up plan of ground rules with regards smoking - maybe a designated area and to keep their smoking stuff in that area too..

    Yeah, heard on the news there that temperatures are souring in Europe and advising Irish tourists travelling to be careful and stay in from the sun :O 8-)

  • hi Abuelajeannie

    how are you mate

    you could have a house full of smelly smoking 😒 and you will look and say NO THANK YOU

    you got this,you have done this test before and passed 😁

    enjoy your family time 😁

    take care 😁

    keep kicking 😁

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