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Day 10: Better, but not great

Hello! I quit cold turkey February 23, 2016. Okay, so now I have made it through to Day 10. The first 6 days were completely awful. I had anxiety and nausea so bad. The next couple of days have been much better. However, still at day 10 I am suffering from restlessness, dry mouth, and hardcore acid reflux. Has anyone else had similar issues? How long do these take to resolve?

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Hi adavis welcome and congratulations on reaching day 10, it is a fantastic archivement on itself. Yes, all of what you describe can be symptoms and a lot rebound or self inflicted. When you're quitting the tendency is to increase drastically the consumption of sugars, the low levels of magnesium in your body together with dehydration would be a problem.

If you want to give it a go. Get magnesium powder supplement and have 1 spoon in the morning and one in the evening. It will control your anxiety straight away therefore you'll be able to control the sugar intake send your moods. Seriously recommend at least 1.5 litres of water per day.


Hello adavis, funny you should mention that but I got really bad acid reflux as well. I thought it was something to do with my ecig but obviously not if you went cold turkey. They will ease with time....took a couple of weeks for me.


Welcome advis, huge congratulations on reaching Day 10, that is great!

What you are experiencing with anxiety and nausea is perfectly normal and should continue to improve for you as each day passes by.

Unfortunately, for me anyway, I am still experiencing severe acid reflux and I am almost 6 months smoke free cold turkey. Hopefully it will improve.....


Thank you all! I can tell it is definitely improving! Today was the first day I could actually sleep in and not wake up at the crack of dawn due to restlessness! I am really hoping my days continue to get better like this!



Its good your here.

I do know how you feel with throat.sickley etc.

Hopeful you are now feeling better.

I have stupid cough.but my main problem is a giant cold sore on my blooming nose.

( don't know if it is just coincidence )

We will be better soon and it will be worth it

Take care

Keep kicking


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