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Aches aches and more aches

Hi I am New to this site and I hope I'm posting this correct .

Basically I am trying to quit smoking . I have been smoking for about 4 years plus. One pack usually lasts me 2 - 3 days.

I am currently cutting down and not yet smoke free . I decided to go for 4 cigs a day for the rest of the pack then getting the next pack for 3 cigs a day and so on till 1 cig a day pack till the last cigarette of that pack before I completely stop smoking completely (hope this doesn't sound confusing) . Currently I'm having 3 cigs a day. I understand that one of the symptoms of quitting would be fatigue but I'm not yet smoke free and I feel intense muscle ache most of the day since I decided to cut down . Is this normal feeling, feeling muscle aches and lack of motivation to do work ? Wondering if other ppl who are cutting down as well feels the same? I hope I can get through this with some help from this community

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Welcome Mel96 to our community. With regards the aches and pains, tiredness and demotivation with cutting down, not sure as members here are usually quit when sharing their withdrawal symptoms, it possibly is withdrawal from not smoking as many but it could just Mr Nico playing tricks with your mind - try to drink as much water, bit off exercise and fresh air and be kind to yourself.

We look forward to seeing your Day 1 post very soon. Below is some helpful pinned posts that maybe good preparation for you....

PS I am over 19 months quit cold turkey and one of the best decisions of my life :)


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