No Smoking Day

Thought someone out there might find this useful :)

Thought someone out there might find this useful :)

As they say.. if you know what to expect, then you are 90% prepared to fight it 😊

I've had most and still have a few side effects but as it says they are only temporary! 😀

I'm having the most vivid dreams.. like last night I had a dream about root canal treatment (I need it but like.. who dreams about it lol)

So how many side effects do you have or had and what's the funniest dream you've had?

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Great post Louise. I have had loads of these side effects but by far the worst for me was gum problems and still is, (I thought when I stopped smoking my gums would improve) but not so far, have to have a biopsy next week on my gums to make sure its nothing sinister (fingers crossed). Also suffered from the blues, fatigue and severe grumpiness. I haven't had any strange dreams but my hubby says my snoring had got much worse!!! 😊


Fingers crossed but I'm sure it's noting sinister 😊

Apparently my snoring has improved lol but I'm having the vivid dreams and the blemishes at the moment 😂 Which makes me feel like a teenager again lol


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