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Updates from me

All is going well, ( well that said as well as quitting any addiction can go) having a few craves. But nothing I can't handle, I'm quite use to having my morning coffees, in fact it's a pleasure to be curled up watching tv, without the need, to firstly think about getting winter coats on, secondly stepping out doors around 6.15, is rather ridiculous. Don't you think?

Hoping one and all are ready for a new day tomorrow smoke free.

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Good to hear you are doing so well. I have to admit, I don't miss standing in the garden in the dark and cold either.

Keep going strong 😃😃😃😃😃


well done Tracey3, like you i enjoy my coffee in the morn and yes outside in all types of weather to choke myself with smoke, now I just empty the dishwasher as I enjoy my coffee... I am now 17 days smoke free and tbh some days have been very trying but I def am starting to find it getting a little easier ....


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