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hello, day six and still not smoking. My Mum got rushed to hospital last night with a heart problem and I went with her in the ambulance. She is OK and home now with follow ups needed and no real answers but I am so pleased I didn't smoke. i won't lie, If a smoker had been with me and offered me one I probably would have taken it but I have realised that it would have given me something to do but not changed anything.

i am really tired today and my first thought when I opened my eyes was that I wanted a smoke. I am taking my laptop down to Mums in an hour and she smokes so will need to stay strong! Think i need caffeine more than anything as I have my review with my boss at 2 and we are doing it over skype. Much makeup needed to disguise the bags!

Thanks for reading, I feel like I am rambling on here but it really is helping.

Hope everyone is having a good day x

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Well done on resisting for what would have been a very stressful situation for you. Hope your Mam gets answers and makes a full recovery. Ramble away, thats what we are here for :)

Just a suggestion, I found caffeine a serious craving trigger for me, only really have a coffee if visiting since I quit 17 months ago - if you can, try to cut down or move to herbal teas (I done the water juicer bottles with cucumber, mint and lemon, very refreshing!)


Thanks Roisin, I have to say I read your post about when your Dad had his bad fall and how you coped without smoking and that popped into my head last night so thanks! I'm doing ok, at my Mums and she's had a couple outside and I'm not bothered. i just keep saying I don't smoke to myself.

i will try the water bottle Idea, that sounds lovely. I don't really drink coffee very often only get it from Costa and as I am trying to save money this year that will have to be a rare treat :)

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Good to hear of six days survival (y) all the best for next milestone i.e. one month.


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