Smokers don't yawn

If you think about it you never really yawn as a smoker like you did before smoking cigarettes . What your feeling is your lungs getting more air it gets better happy holiday to all the no smokers and if your reading these post its all tru stop now it will take time to replace the feel of the smokeing a feeling that's a corporate one to all natural feeling of not smoking hope to here about all the new year quiters next month good luck

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  • Happy New Year Dp338 . Well done for quitting. You've nailed it!

  • Hi thank you hope you and all yours have a good 2017 Ha keep kicking it feels so good not to smoke

  • Oh and thanks to you and all good luck

  • hi Dp338

    funny.never really thought about it ha

    you got any plans for tonight 😁new years eve 😁

    I'm just chilling watching tv maybe dvd later.

    life in the fast lane lol

    have a good night,and have a GOOD smoke free year.

    take care 😊

    keep kicking 😎

  • I workon Jan 1st so I never been out on New Years including my drinking days ya a steak kids and a movie that's done by 9. And going to keep kicking thu 17 thanks all the best to you and every one here dp338 ps that photo on skate boards coming

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