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4 years since I.......what was it?

I quit smoking in October 2012. In fact, I had to check which year that was. The reason for having to check is........I have forgotten about smoking.

Yes, forgotten. That is not a typo.

Don't listen to ex-smokers who moan that they still want a cigarette. I don't want one. I never think about smoking now. I can look at people smoking and it doesn't even occur to me to smoke. (It's true, but I bet you don't believe it!). Smokers are now just other people who happen to be in the same vicinity. No more significance than that.

I have had some pretty stressful times since I quit. Have I thought about having a smoke to "help me through the stress"? Nope.

Don't get put off by the unpleasant feelings and undermining thoughts you get during your quit. In time these really will completely disappear. Just keep going with your quit and it won't be long before you suddenly notice that you have forgotten about smoking :-D

These periods of "forgetting about smoking" get longer and longer. After a while you begin to wonder if you ever really smoked in the first place!

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Welcome Biggrin - Wow :O 4 years, congratulations!!

Good to read after 4 years you no longer think about smoking. I am over 13 months quit and have to admit I still have the nostalgic craving now and again that I just brush over.

Great positive post - we look forward to any support and experience you can offer us here when you get a chance. :)



Thanks for posting such a motivational post. It is so good to read that it can be possible to not have a craving


Congratulations that's a long time:) and thank you for giving me hope that one day i will just forget that i even smoked


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