Weekend in London

Hi everyone,

Really looking forward to my anniversary present of a weekend in London. Watching Arsenal at emirates then off to see Les Mis and a few cocktails later and breakfast up in the Shard! So happy I am not smoking for this! I used to hate having to go outside the hotel for a last smoke before bed and first thing in the morning, you can definitely relax more as a non smoker!

Hope everyone is hanging in there , stay strong peeps! X x

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  • Enjoy Bev!

  • Happy Anniversary 💟

    Enjoy your time!

  • Hope you had a great weekend BevJk

  • Yeah thanks RoisinO1 we had a lovely weekend in London, loved les Mis and even quite enjoyed the football! X x

  • hi BevJk

    just a line to ask how you are doing.

    haven't heard from you in a while.

    I do hope you well.

    take care 😊

  • Hi Thinlizzy54

    I am doing ok thanks, just been on holiday to Poland so haven't had time to come on here.

    Now off to work! Yuk! Hate night shifts!

    Hope all is good with you! X X

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