Running update!

5k in 28:59 (the 59 is important and is it makes the time 1 sec less than 29 mins! Lol!). I then couldn't quite manage the 35 mins and had to stop at 32:13. So am very proud but a little disappointed in myself. Like not smoking, I guess, 1 day at a time! How's everyone getting on with their quits?

I've been smoke free for 2 months, 18 days, 23 hours, 4 minutes and 7 seconds (

Woop woop!

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  • lain... Well done on the "huge" improvement on your time...I know what that 1 sec mean... for me on the Kayak it is the difference of being battered by the waves or a dry launch....!!

    Two months + is huge and three months just around the corner.. !! Congrats..!!

  • Lol! The 1 sec is purely to make me feel better! Anyhoo, life is good at the moment so what is 1 sec between friends??

  • Thanks for the up date, proud you should be, never be disappointed in what you have achieved.

    It's a great result all round

  • Thanks Tracey3 - it is going to be a good day (although my days always start off well and have a habit of going a bit, er, "wonky" by about 0900....)!

  • Wow Iain! Well done on your excellent times, that is some achievement along with over 2 months quit. Be very proud of yourself and keep up the great work!

  • I think that is pretty amazing actually! Running is not easy at all and I think you smashed it. 😃😃

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