They do go away :)

Just a quick post for all of you that have just started your quit.........................

If you are thinking or having thoughts like "when i wake i will always fancy a ciggie :( " or "after food i will always fancy a ciggie" or "i will always fancy a ciggie with a beer, coffee or wine etc"or " my breaks are not going to be the same without a ciggie".

I'm here to tell you that those thoughts are FALSE.....................i'm the proof and so many other quitters will tell you the same, i'm into my quit now for over a month (cold turkey) 

i've noticed in the mornings i now never even think about a ciggie same with food and most definitely the most noticeable and shocking one  is with a beer, my beer tastes so much better now and to be honest a ciggie would just kill it. I started noticing these changes well over a week ago.

Stay positive remember why you quit and keep your mind set strong

Life is a different life without ciggies

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  • Thank you Nikon for such a great positive post. It was just what the doctor ordered for me today. Your a legend 

  • Lovely post, and oh so very true, just to add well done, doing grwat

  • Very true. Each week gets better than the prior one.

  • Life will be different AND LONGER, ENJOY!

  • So true coffee taste so much better without a cig

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