No Smoking Day
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Day 75

Finally got my MRI results and my siatica is caused by my S1 disc that has slipped, seeing GP again next week - however I still stuck to my guns and haven't smoked.

Travelled down to London today ( lots of pain killers to hand ) ready to watch my daughter run the marathon tomorrow 

Enjoying been free of the cigarettes and not having them dictate to me and ruling my life, so good to sit relaxing in a hotel not having to go outside for a cig 

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Ah Runmeg, delighted to read your post and you have got a diagnosis that can be treated now....

Day 75 is amazing with all you have been through, think you have this quit nailed!   Enjoy your break away and wishing continued success and a speedy recovery to you and for your daughter tomorrow in the marathon....

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Sciatica is such a small word, that does not justify the amount of pain and discomfort it causes, I so hope you can soon have some relief from it.

Indeed the marathon is one of our nations great races, so to be there rooting for your daughter, is surely a special occasion,  a very proud moment indeed .

Isn't it such a joyous moment, when we realise, we are truly free from the demon of mr Nico, he has no hold on us, that is fantastic!!!! To be be treasured I think.....

I will hope the weather is kind tomorrow, enjoy every moment, with a massive and I mean gigantic, well done from me.

Looking forward to your future up dates🌞

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I guess it must be good to know what has been causing the pain - hopefully they will be able to sort it out now. Fantastic that your daughter is doing the marathon - what a brilliant thing to do. And fantastic that you are still off the cigarettes even with all of the back trouble

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Feeling good apart from the siatica but walking actually helps and walking takes away any thoughts of smoking so I guess it goes together in a painful kind of way

and definitely a proud moment tomorrow 

PS the hubby stinks hahaha


Glad they have pinpointed the cause of your sciatica runmeg, hopefully they can sort it out now.

Good luck to you daughter in the marathon today, let us know how she gets on. She must be fit as a flea!


Hey - had a L4-L5 slip years ago - avoided surgery and took a series of epiderals.  If I'd listened to my doc probably one would of done the job.  



I had a disc slip in my neck 5 years ago, C5 and had to have surgery, hopefully this time I can avoid that. Back at GP a week tomorrow to discussnext steps


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