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3 weeks

3 weeks in now and this week has been a great deal easier very few cravings not even when out with smokers. In fact I really hate the smell now.  I know it's still early days and cravings can creep up on you when least expected but I really do feel that I have got over the worst.  I have reduced the nicotine in my ecig to 6 mg now and for the last few days I have hardly vaped so I am hopeful I can wean myself off it soon. Not going to rush it though as I am totally committed to this quit. 

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Nice to read Jean, sounds like you're in a good place. 

Enjoy the Spanish's rotten here!


Good for you Jean, keep up the hard work, good news about the e-cig and that you are thinking of weaning off it soon.   You seem to be in a great frame of mind, but do it when you feel ready.....


During my last quit I too cut down the nicotine from 12 all the way down to 6 and finally 3.  When the time comes,  you will be fine.  In my experience cutting back from 3mg to 0 was just not as hard as I envisaged.  Well done and keep going strong.

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