Been a tough easter

The last few days have been fairly tough.just got back from a family gathering and i really felt like smoking and jibes about my weight didnt help as i have put on a stone since i coming up to 4 weeks not smoking which is great but im very unhappy about my weight gain and also glad this weekend is nearly over cause ive been very close to smoking.i think i need to learn how deal with social side life without smoking.

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  • Ah Joe, sorry to read this and find it quite insensitive of family to be joking about your weight and you only 4 weeks into your quit, although my hubby got the same when he quit from family too and will be 2 years smoke free in May.   Pass no remarks (you can worry about the weight gain when you get further on, hubby lost it all).   

    You will learn to adapt to life without smoking, it is still early days in your quit and you have still to adjust to life without your nico friend, you will get there soon, I promise!

    PS Is your family smokers by the way?

  • hi Joe.

    sorry to read your post.those who put you down./laugh at your expence should be ashamed.

    you are doing Roisin says.worry about any extra weight later.YOUR mission now is stoping the little 😈 Smokey.

    be the bigger person.they maybe jealous for some reason ?☹

    you take care

    keep kicking 😎 😎

  • Thank you roisin!yes there was few that smoke but i think its just me ive been very over sensitive since i quit and i didnt feel comfortable at all.maybe i have been over doing it with the sweets and chocolate lately lol

  • All normal feelings Joe, it is a huge adaption and change quitting but all for the better and worth it, you are doing great, keep it up!

  • feel your frustration. 

    maybe we should start a weight support group as we quit smoking?

    you are doing great. keep going :-)

  • I think feeling sensitive is something we have to cope with for a while, same as putting on a bit of weight.  Your doing great and I'm sure you wouldn't want to go through these last 4 weeks again so stay strong and smokefree

  • You're not alone Joe. I've put on 10lb and it's getting on my nerves now.'s better than smoking.

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