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tip for nicotine lozenge

Was in the shop, NOT THE CORNER SHOP, looking at the cost of lozenge, ladies says to me, I'm in Yorkshire, Alass use ye brains, buy 4 what're ever the r, n chop em in half lass, same price as the 2 ones saving you money lass.

With that thought, and indeed that's what I did, bought the 4, strength and cut them into quarters, making them mini lozenge, saving me loads more money.

So will say a big thankyou to that ladie, made me smile

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Ah thanks Tracey so much, you have made my night, good laugh out loud moment there....

By the way, every time I see 'corner shop', I think of the song 'Brimful of Asha' from the band Cornershop, for some reason can't seem to copy and paste or download anything on this new forum (using PC not mobile).

Maybe, Nozmo you could assist in downloading the song here?


YIPPEE !!! Tracey missed the corner shop...!!!!!

Well done on the saving Tracey and thanks for a nice enjoyable post....

Have a Gr8 day...!!

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