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Another smoke free weekend done. Not feeling much benefit yet except in my purse but it's early days. I cooked Sunday lunch yesterday for my family and a friend who smokes. After lunch he went out for a cig and when he came in the smell was awful, makes you realise how much we smell when smoking. I have noticed that I get more hugs from my little grandson since I stopped guess he's noticed I don't smell of tobacco anymore, and that alone is enough to keep me smoke free.

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  • Lovely post Jean, lucky you getting more hugs from that adorable grandson of yours! I too find the smell of smoke of people disgusting and can't believe I was like that!

    The health benefits is a gradual process as the body heals, but we will get there - just wanted to point this out as I thought I would be as fit as a fiddle as soon as I stopped but it doesn't work that way....delighted you are doing so well, keep it up!

  • 100% Roisin....AbuelaJ... It took me 6 months + to be on 100% energy level according to the Qutza counter..and that was fairly true because the one day you can take over the world and the next is "Blah"...Patience really does get better...!!

    For the grandchildren hugs...200% that was one of my biggest inspirations when my 5 year old grand daughter hugged me with the words"You smell nice Gramps"

  • What a great post, and could ngratulations for getting through the weekend, I must ad indeed the stench of smoking is very strong, another reason to stay quit.

    Doing great

  • well done, weekends can be big hurdles, always lovely to get to Monday morning knowing you kicked its ass :)

    I bet there are benefits you just haven't noticed yet, the benefits I've noticed are;

    - my teeth don't feel disgusting when i wake up in the morning

    - when i put on clothing i haven't washed since i quit it absolutely reeks! Now when i wash my clothes and they smell lovely i know they'll stay that way.

    - i got complemented on my perfume, would never have happened before for obvious reasons!

    - take a massive inhaling breath and see how far you get before your throat catches and you have to cough, i bet it's further than before!

    Keep going, the benefits will grow everyday :)

  • Your right, teeth and mouth feel cleaner, and I can breathe deeper without coughing. As for clothes, I am going to wash everything I can, can't stand the smell when I open my wardrobe.

  • LOL, reminds me of my early stage of my quit, had to even dump my toothbrush as could smell smoke of it. I went crazy scrubbing presses, walls, doors washing curtains etc..!

    Immediate benefit for me was everything tastes and smells so much better!

  • Amen....!!!

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