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Hi, Amazon is allowing me to have a two day promotion and to distribute my book for free.

Using experience I gained quitting and knowledge from researching material for my blog I wrote a book on quitting smoking.

In my book I focus mainly on developing the right attitude towards smoking and motivation to live smoke free. The name of the book is HOW TO QUIT SMOKING Ex-Smoker’s Guide to an Easy, Quick and Permanent Way to Give Up Smoking.

I would be very grateful for your feedback.

For two days Kindle version of this book will be available for your download at this address for free:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Thank you very much for your feedback!

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  • Clicked on the kindle link but nothing happens. Is it because the link takes me to the USA site? When I buy a kindle book from the UK Amazon site I don't have any problems.

    Or maybe there's something up with the link?

    Very impressed by the way. Congratulations on having a book published!

  • Hi, changed the link now it should work :)

  • I've just downloaded it from Amazon UK. Looking forward to reading it later

  • Cheers, downloaded.

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