It's almost 5 in the morning and I had a dream where I slacked and started smokinf again and I was so scared in that dream like "what do I do now? Do I keep smoking? I don't want to." but then I woke up really frightened and calmed down when I realized it was ONLY a dream and thanked God for giving me the willpower to quit smoking.

I still can't believe how scared I was... And also, how mad I was, and ashamed of myself.

This is the worst part of quitting, dreaming about smoking.

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  • Hi mini

    (hope name shortness is ok)

    They say dreams our your exit for stress.fears etc.im sure it a release of thoughts.not actual things that may happen

    I wouldn't worry.

    Ive woken up crying?.

    Why.no real reason

    Don't worry

    Your doing great

    Keep kicking

    Take care

  • Hiya. I've had the same dream and felt exactly the same!

  • Morning Kate, ah, the famous smoking dreams, I used to have at least one a week up to 5 months in my quit, they are horrible and used to knock me back but just try and be thankful that they are only dreams and never make it a reality.....

  • Haha, you're right, at least they're JUST dreams!

  • Hi Kate, I had a memorable dream where I was buying lots of packs of cigarettes...but not smoking any of them! I would just open the pack and then buy another. I don't know what all that was about!

    I haven't one for a while though I'm glad to say. They weren't very pleasant.

  • Hi. I haven't had any dreams like that since I stopped smoking although I have had some mad ones lol. You are doing so well and have a great attitude on quitting. 😊

  • Haha, well thanks. I'd never wish these dreams upon anybody, to be honest. 😂

  • We all had such dreams, it's quite normal. It's almost a rite of passage, you could say.

  • You're right. ;)

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