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Four years today!

Well, things have certainly changed around here since my last visit! I had to change my name from DGee to DGee16 to get on the site, and I have no idea how to navigate it or get around.

Anyway... thought I'd pop on today to let everyone know that it's been four years today since my last cigarette. I avoided almost 30,000 cigarettes and saved over $8,000 so far.

I almost missed this anniversary - I was cleaning up apps on my phone and came across MLC (My Last Cigarette) where I tracked my stats. It's still chugging along left me know how I'm doing.

I wish everyone success and - for those of you who might need some - a little extra strength today to make it one more day. It gets easier all the time, and when you get to this point, it's effortless. I'm in a relationship (for two years now) with someone who smokes 4-5 cigarettes a day, and I'm not tempted at all.

Best of luck to all of you wherever you are on your path. You can do it! I did it, and I'm living proof.

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This is so inspirational!

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Thanks for popping back on. I am still trying to give up but each time I feel I get that little bit closer. My dad and husband gave up years ago. My dad was a 60 a day snokwr and I never ever ever ever thought he could do and he did without any help apart from boiled sweets and sugar free mints. It's just gone past his 10th anniversary and I'm couldn't be more proud of him and my hubby. My dad is 71 now and he says if he hadn't have give up the fags he wouldn't be here now he reckons. I think he's right. I will do it and I have set my date now for next mi day when my new sofa gets delivered. I will do this. Sorry I didn't mean to waffle on as much as this lol. Thanks again for your help with the message xx

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Huge congratulations DGee, 4 years is amazing! Thanks for sharing such a positive and encouraging post

Regarding the site, we are all still getting used to it, hopefully we will get our homely feeling from the old one here soon...


Just to say, WOW AMAZING, brilliant

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