No Smoking Day

:'( feel bad

When I couldn't find my e-cig earlier I got so flustered, as I had an arguement with someone I don't know what came over me I walked to the shop after all my progress and got a packet of menthol capsule button straights and had one, and now I feel so so guilty and I really don't want to go back to my old ways and crack and start smoking again, what do you thinks the best thing to do? :( help anyone, has anyone else been through something similar?

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Hi annavickaay, don't beat yourself up about it, lots of us have done the same, me included. Best thing is to just accept what's happened and get back on with your quit.

If it gets too much tonight, go to bed early. Seriously, it's a great technique. You can't smoke when you're asleep.

I would also recommend getting an "emergency" disposable ecig for the early stages. This way if you can't find the main one you will have a reserve to fall back on.

Hope this helps...know exactly how you gets easier!

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aw that made me feel not so bad, that is very true, am sat in front of the tv now, now with my e-cig which i found as soon as i returned from the shop annoyingly enough -.- going to have to give the cigarettes to a friend so they are not tempting to me but i'm trying to keep myself busy and make some food to distract myself, as food is the second love in my life ;) but thats an amazing idea they are quite pricey though! do you know where you can get cheaper ones? and have you quit smoking too?


I haven't had a cigarette since the 4th Jan...this time. I've failed a few times but I'm getting better! Really feel good about it this time...but I didn't at the start. The first week I was shouting at people, feeling low, feeling high, feeling angry...the lot!! It gets much, much easier so please don't give up.

Have as much food as you like at this stage. As many wise people have said on this forum - you can lose the weight later!

How much are the disposable ones now? It might be a bit pricey but it will last for months as an emergency ciggie and it if it helps you get off the real things it will be worth it. If you keep it up you will be saving a fortune anyway.

Really glad to hear you're sounding a bit happier. It's a horrible thing to go through.


Great advice for you there Anna....

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