No Smoking Day
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Day 2 of non smoking

I been smoking since I was 12 I'm 30 now I'm one of them smokers who since starting smoking I've had a pack every day. I wake up reach for the fag packet with in seconds of opening my eyes if I don't have a ciggy my head goes. I've tryed loads of times to give up with out any success until a few days ago o thought why am I aging my self putting my sons health at risk smoking on his home in going cold turkey and I don't have any cravings it's all in the mind when you need a cig think of something else trust me it works I never realised it was this easy stop telling your self smoking is hard to give up I no I'll never have a fag ever be positive

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Welcome Wanab and congratulations. I too gave up cold turkey almost 6 months ago and never looked back! You have a good attitude that will stand to you. Keep us updated on your progress....



It is all in the head, that's all it is, a silly mind set game, a very powerful one by all means!

I started smoking when I was 12 and I'm off the fags for 6 months, I was 40 years old in November.

You can do it, you must want it!

Stay strong xxxx


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