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Day 14 😀 Smoke free

It's been 2 weeks today since I had my last ciggie. Feeling the benefits already. Taste buds are better and enjoying my food as everything taste good. Had bad withdrawal on Saturday but I rode through it and put a nicotine patch on which is taking the edge of. Also using my electronic ciggie which helps. It's 0% nicotine and the flavour is mint ( used to smoke menthol ciggies). I gave up years ago and lasted 7 years. Determined to give up for good this time !

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Welcome Blueyes, well done on reaching 14 days, that is great! Wishing you success and strength and look forward to reading your progress!

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It sounds like you're ready for it Blueyes65. You're two weeks in, you have been through a bad Saturday, you're already down to 0% on the e-cig and you're determined. It all looks good to me! Keep us all informed about how you're getting on.


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