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Getting a bit excited!

Hi all :)

I must say, I'm loving seeing all the returning quitters telling us about their success stories. How lovely that the forum means enough to people to get them returning 4, 6, however many years on to tell us life is good!

Now, me, I'm starting to feel like the penthouse is really truly in sight - I'm approaching 11 months smokefree and so so proud of myself! Since quitting, I've been putting my smoke-money in a separate bank account, and it's funded fancy boots for me and my teenmonster - couple of hundred quid each which would NEVER have been contemplated any other way! AND a shiny new laptop. But beyond that, I'm noticing massive extra savings, presumably because of all the trips to the shop for fags when I would also buy extras just because I was there...and all the times I've needed a lighter or papers, but only had a card to pay on, and the shop needs a fiver minimum purchase so you grab a load of rubbish to make up the difference. What a silly person I was!

Apart from the money, I'm SO much healthier. I think it's a combination of not smoking, eating a bit better, drinking less and exercising a LOT more! But this winter I've had no colds. Not one. And not one chesty cough. And I work in germ warfare (nursery), so this is no mean feat.

Anyhoo, just wanted a ramble, a pre-penthouse happy dance, and to say well done to all the quitters out there, new and familiar!

Best wishes one and all x

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Ah Incy, huge congratulations, you seem to be on top of the world being a non smoker, it is great now what you save on money when you quit. Well done and well deserved on your 100 quid boots!

Looking forward to your penthouse post:)


I think it was karri or linda that mentioned that before... It is so true.

The big savings aren't even about the money we didn't smoke, but the rubbish that we would have brought everytime we walk in to a shop.

I didn't smoke much because I kept it very low since my last failure.

Still... Abt 8/10 fags per day is over 2000 eur in the year.

Stay strong, well done on your stats.


And....Out came the sunshine...Incy...well done on 11 months and looking at one year not far away...Thank you so much for being here for us and all the support... And truly nice to see the 2,3,4,5 and 6 year quitters come back and tell us about the future...makes me eager to get there .....Once again Thank you Incy....xx


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