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New member - first quit

Hello all - I'm a newcomer to your forum from Ontario, Canada.

This is a great forum. I've been browsing through the posts and they are very helpful. I especially like the "Quitting Experiences" section as it gives me an idea of what others are going through, what I can expect, and confirmation that I'm not alone.

I had been smoking for 48 years. I've never attempted to quit, other than once in my twenties, when I made it only one day because of the cravings. I quit smoking on the 27th of December, and I am now on day 11 smoke-free. I am using the nicotine patch, which helps immensely with physical cravings. In fact, I don't think I've had any. I've had some minor psychological cravings, but thankfully, they are very short and not strong. I really thought I could never do this, but I am so happy that I have.

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Welcome Laurie and greetings to you from Ireland! Well done on reaching Day 11, wishing you every success in your quit and look forward to reading your progress.


Laurie.. Welcome from South Africa and huge congrats on your quit after 48 years... I took on the journey after 38 years and is smoke free for almost 7 months now. It is wonderful to rediscover life. Wish you all the best and stay strong.


Laurie, welcome from Ottawa ON, Good luck with this quit. You have nothing to loose but so much to gain from giving up cigs. You'll like it here in the this forum, good group.


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