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Day 6

Hello guys, thought I would share some experiences of stopping smoking with you, and to see if anyone else has encountered the same symptoms.

I have smoked for the last 30 years, approx 20 daily, falsely believing the little white stick calms and relaxes you, and doesn't cause any danger to health.

Many times I have half heartedly decided to quit, used patches. Eat gum.

However in October I lost my Nan to lung cancer, it was the biggest wake up call of my life, my smoking habit changed and I could feel my mind battling itself to quit this addiction, from November onwards I cut down to 2/3 cigarettes daily, but my mind was still telling me this was not good enough, so on new years eve I took my last drag and have quit for good. However during the last few week, I have been having the most horrendous episodes, I have consulted my gp and even visited A&E. I think I'm suffering from panic attacks, the GP has prescribed anti depressants, a very low dose of blood pressure tablet and I have developed oral thrush. With all this said, I will never smoke another cigarette and once I'm through this, the gains will be worth it. Wish me luck and if anyone has any suggestions or experiences, please share them with me.

Happy New Year.


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Well done for doing the final leap to quit! That is the first step and Is really hard. As for your symptoms, I have been feeling very down in the dumps the past few days (I am on day 6 too now). I feel so empty inside and so helpless, I can't focus properly on anything and I seem to be tearing up over the littlest of things and sometimes even nothing. I generally do feel depressed and I'm seeking constant reassurance from my partner, It's like I need him to be by me all the time. Feel so lonely. I was about to relapse earlier today, because I felt hopeless!! I thought to myself, I would rather smoke and be happy instead of quit and be miserable. But then I came onto this site again, and I feel courage again!!! I keep thinking of all the positives of quitting and I am going to do it. And you can to!!!! I think it's all in our heads...


Hang in there Mazie, it will soon get easier and these feelings will start to fade away for the next week, you are doing great and can do this!


Well done Mazie :)

Stay positive and focused, one day at a time, we are all here to help and support, listen and laugh. Crying is Ok too. ;) you are doing great.


Welcome Micky and huge congratulations on reaching Day 6, stay strong and focused as these withdrawal experiencing will pass, wishing you every success in your quit and hope your other medical issues settle down. Keep yourself as busy as possible for the first month and drink plenty of water, excercise a little if possible - maybe a walk to clear your head and above all read up as much as possible what is happening when you quit, stay close to the forum and post as often you need to.


Thanks Rowans,

Much needed encouragement.

Your doing fantatsic!!

This forum is such a help, I'm so glad I stumbled across it :)


I am also day 6 the worst side effects for me are a constant sore throat and a mouth of ulcers, restless

Sleep isnt helping but I am drinking 2l of water a day as a minimum which seems to be helping. Feeling positive today for the first time that I can actually kick this . Pat on the back to all of us nearly a week done!


Well done N!kn@k, thanks for sharing your experiences, seems everyone has their own side effects, none of them nice, keep up the water, big pat on the back to you, stay positive your doing great, we can do this! :)


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