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Four and a half month questions!

Hi everyone! I am 26 years old. I smoked for six years. I quit in August and now I'm in four and a half months. I have a few questions for people.

1) I haven't coughed anything up yet. What's people's experiences with this? Is that a bad thing?

2) also, first two months THE. WORST. ANXIETY. AND. ATTACKS. EVER. ever. Everyday. It went away finally but lately I've felt like a brain fog. I feel weird. and exhausted everyday? Did this happen to anyone else?

I was doing awesome now I feel weird again and it's super aggravating. I never would of thought it would be this long of a process but does make sense considering how much and long I smoked for. I love talking to other people about their experiences and hearing when they started feeling 100% etc. please give me any experiences you guys have.

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Hey Treeoflife, welcome and huge well done on reaching four & half months, I am just behind you and will be four months 17 January, I did and still am coughing up but not as bad it was the first 2 weeks I quit. I was smoking quite heavy prior to quitting and probably why I am coughing up alot, suppose it depends how heavy a smoker you were. I did have anxiety too for the first two months but passed now thankfully.

With regards to not feeling well, I think it the time of year where there is alot of viruses, bugs etc going around and us quitters seems to blame giving up on everything and expect to feel 100% quickly but we have to be patient and let time do its thing and heal us, I have read that this could take up a year or so depending on how long you smoked.

Be proud of yourself that you have come this far and hopefully things will start to improve for us soon!


Hi Treeoflife. I can't say I really coughed anything up in any of my quits either. I used to do so when I smoked but not after. I wouldn't worry about it, not everyone does it.


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