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ten and a half months

who would believe it eh not me thats for sure

if u had told me a year ago i would be this far into a quit i wouldnt have believed u in a million years

not sure how i actually got this far there have been tough times, testing times, sad times, happy times and i have somehow come through it all smoke free

just a big thank u to everyone on here i believe this forum saved me so so many times


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Thats Fantastic, Well Done:D


Huge congrats to you Boo :D

Fantastic quit for a lovely person. Proud of you ;)

G xx


I've missed your posts Boo they do so cheer me up. I know you're having a worrying time lately but you're still smoke free!! Well done, only thing is you're gonna leave us to go to the penthouse soon. I agree this forum has really kept me going and I was the most committed smoker possible, you and me both eh? No way will you fail now ....everyone needs a Boo! :)

i wont leave u all i am to addicted to this forum now but thats a good addiction

i havent posted for a bit been feeling proper down with how things are did start a post the other day but it was very depressing [even depressed me and i was already depressed lol] so i deleted it

but feeling abit better today cause on the bright side i will feed the kids no matter how tight money is, but it will do me no harm eating less as i am now battling the weight issue, already lost a stone so maybe a house with less food luxuries will be a blessing in disguise

haha not quite but a much trimmer boo hopefully

started my excessive walking again the last two weeks today i have walked 14 miles walking lifts my mood and burns my calories so double whammy result

i love this forum and if i can give back to people on here the support i have been given then that makes me happy



congrats boo!!!:D

i feel exactly the same way you do! i never ever thought i could do this!! almost at 11 months :eek:

just wow!!!we are great, arent we?:p

all newbies...keeP it up!! it gets way better....its gets downright awesome!:p


Congrats Boo you are so lovely keep on posting, I'm not lm here as much but still pop in.



Big love comin' atcha boo. You're awesome.

Really proud of you xxx


A massive well done Boo - you have done brilliantly! I know that you have faced some other challenges, but at least you are no longer adding to your problems with trying to sustain a smoking habit. ;)


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