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Day 41 - winning the fight

Hello folks! happy smoke free new year! So weird how one day you wake up and stop caring about smoking. I went out NYE and went out to the smoking area with my mates while they smoked and looking back I didn't even think about 'perhaps' having one, I just went for the chat and was not bothered at all. I also started a healthy eating diet on Jan 2nd which im feeling fine. That need to replace smoking with eating, drinking or chewing has just stopped at the moment.

I actually feel like a non smoker now and I really like it. Enough determination and blind faith that it will be ok really will get you there :) xxx

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Hurray! Congratulations Nikki!

Well done :) Happy new Year buddy.


Ah well done Nikki, delighted for you and glad you enjoyed your New Year celebrations smoke free, here's to a continued smoke free year!


That's so amazing nikki! Brilliant - well done you x happy new year :)


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