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Day 19 going smoothly


No more insomnia, no more irritable bowels and gastro reflux,breathing is getting better by the day, ive gained a couple of pounds , some muscle a little fat but its ok since im tall,and life is just better , i am so happy i quit,best thing ive done in a long time, and now i can go into this new year clean! Good luck to you all

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Well done Fakir, glad that last couple of weeks have gone well and you are feeling the benefits of quitting.

You are now approaching a very critical stage of your quit where the mental battle begins and you will need to keep your guard up and ready to attack, wishing you success and keep us updated. Well done again!


Well done!

It does take 21 days to stop a habit and you're just enjoying the end tail of it.

Never put your guards down and Rowens is making a very valid point, the physical battle is nearly over but the psychological one is about to start.

Knowledge is power and I relied completely on good knowledge to overcome what comes next.

Some people get depressed, some get agitated, some anxious... Some aggressive.

The reality is that whatever turn it's going to take, you will win because you made a decision to never smoke again, and that's the secret to win.


Great replies, im feeling a bit funny mentally today, so your replies struck a chord, but i am determined not to smoke again. im glad i passed the drunk test, new years eve i was drunk as can be and didnt smoke,even when offerered . So you say the mental cravings will be stronger now, so will there be an improvement when these cravings are over? :)

Well done Fakir on the 19 days.

I found that I entered a very weird state for awhile. It was when the physical craving had gone but I think I was still reaching for a cigarette at times like finishing work and driving home. Almost like I forgot i quit, it wasn't a craving exactly just a reminder that you used to smoke. I became quite irrritated with these little memory joggers and became sort of fed up of quitting. I think this is the mental battle and many times in the past I gave in not because i wanted to smoke but because i wanted to get rid of these little reminders. CRAZY as of course you're just feeding the beast and back to square one.

To answer your question, yes there will be a huge improvement, you'll forget you ever smoked and start to wonder why you ever did!!!!!!


Well done Fakir on not smoking while socializing, that is a huge test and you got over it!

Yes, there will be a huge improvement and you will find as the months pass by (time does goes much quicker after the first month) that you will be thinking less and less about smoking, I am now at the stage where some days I don't think at all about them and other days it comes in to my head maybe once and but my brain is now trained that it quickly passes and just get on with it.

I promise it does get easier but you have to be 100% focused and determined not to give in no matter what, keep the guard up at all times and be ready for the mind games as it can jump out at you out of the blue and when least expected. You can do it!

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Fakir.. If you are determined not to smoke you have gained a lot on this roller coaster ride.... The physical cravings is gone after 3 weeks (Almost) but now the Chemical war really starts...The fight or flight time...Mentally you will be drained and tempted but if you stay focused and determined as you are there will be another success story to tell... Stay strong !!

Today is day 20 and last night i had my first cigarette dream , i asked my sister for a smoke, and as i was about to go out and smoke,then, i was like, 'hey! I dont smoke anymore' and put it down, i guess thats a good sign hehe

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_64543

Ah the smoking dreams! I actually had one at the weekend and I am 109 days smoke free! Its funny how the mind works!

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