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Day 17 yippee

Hi everyone. Haven't had the Internet for a while. Hopefully it will be sorted properly later. Hope you are all doing well on your quit journeys. Day 17 for me, feeling great, i wish I'd have stuck at quitting last time after I read Allen carrs book lol.

So apart from eating the entire contents of the house twice over, things are fine lol.

Hopefully I'll be bk on here later and I can have a good old nosy. :)

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Well done Blackrose, doing great myself and having a good week!


Thank you rowens, and well done to you too. It makes all the difference

When it's a good week doesn't it lol.

Touch wood I haven't had many bad days yet. I'm not letting my guard down though. :)


Love it !! be alert !


OMG you're on day 17 already?! I lost track of the days, well done buddy!

Hope you're feeling much better now :)


It's gone really fast, I got that kit from stoptober, and have been marking each day off on the little Calendar. I'm not sure what has been different with this quit, apart from being a bit stressy (as my son says) for a couple of days , I haven't had any problems. Finding it really easy, just hope that doesn't mean the bad stuff is going to hit me like a bus soon lol. 😎


Thank god for that, let's not jinx it :)

I have to say this times feels very different for me as well. I have no intention of smoking again and I don't feel I need either. I am now having serious difficulties in terms of self control, I'm not like this at all,I don't get it!

You are on the right path, keep it going and stay close to the forum, sometimes when we think we have a problem all it takes for it to go away is actually to say it out


Well done making it to day 17 I'm not far off I'm a newbie on here keep it up xx🚭🙋👍💪


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