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Today is a good day


I'm having such a good day today had hardly any cravings it feels so good I look at cigs in a completely different way now and iv noticed my teeth are whiter and 2 people have said how good my complexion is . iv been ill for so long I forgot how it felt to have a good day I'm just hoping this is the end of being ill and the start of a better healthier smoke free life fore me

I'm a happy bunny today 🚭💪🙋👍👯

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HercuValued Contributor

Sarah.... Such a lovely positive outlook needs a big cheer... This is a wonderful journey of rediscovery "Believe you can and you’re halfway there".

Congrats so far !!


Good for you Sarah, it is a great feeling when you have a good day and getting compliments from quitting and people noticing things for the better with you. I have been told by 3 people at work that bad cough I had is gone and I am no longer hoarse which made me happy but sad too with the realization the damage I have done to my body, but we have made the best decision of our lives quitting and our bodies will heal.....well done!


Well done! I hope tomorrow will be as easy as today for you ;) keep strong.

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