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Starting week 6


Last cigarettes smoked was the 14th Sept @ 7.00pm which means I'm officially over week 5.

What I've learned so far:

There's no easy short cut, unfortunately I will have to go through this again.

It's easier to just get it done, don't even entertain any thoughts, just get on with it.

Karri, I now agree with one of your old comments, quitting is like labour, not funny, not pleasant, very painful and there's no short cut either, you just have to go through it and once you've done it,you'll be glad you've done it because it's a all new life ahead.

I pray to GOD to help me through the next 3 weeks.

Thank you all for your help and support everytime I needed it.

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Firstly mmaya, | would like to thank you as you are a huge support and encouragement for myself and many other on here..

You are right, there is no easy way and unfortunately we all are finding this out through our quit but we will get there, I am 3 days behind you and I am sure we get through this and come out the other side, happier, healthier people and will be on here in 6 months time telling what we have learned, please stay strong, I and We need you.......

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Thanks Rowens! You're a sweet heart ;)

Hey Mmaya well done to you, its true there is no easy way but you can give yourself a hug or slice of cake when you need it :) may I ask, why do you say get me through these 3 weeks? is there something specific or you feel that's how long you need to be feeling normal again? x

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No hun. It's a mental block I have! I found week 6 and 7 very hard. I always slip on week 6, relapse on week 7 and back smoking full time by week 8. It is not going to happen this time, I'm in a better place, I'm calm and serene, I'm in control and I say I will not smoke this time

Hi Mmaya,

Just don't look back because you're well and truly on your way now.

There will be testing times ahead for both of us - guess it's our punishment for smoking for so long but just remember that WE have the upper hand, not nicotine.

We CAN do this and we won't make it any harder than it needs to be this time.

Despite everything that goes with quitting I'm sure we both have that feeling of achievement that comes with every new day of being smoke free. No pain, no gain!

We must keep telling ourselves that we will beat smoking this time - we've had enough of it!


ps Sometimes I still have to try hard to convince myself that I must practice what I preach - I still doubt myself but I know for certain that smoking is a loser's game.:confused:

We will not be not losers Mmaya. xx

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NOPE!!!! It will not happen. We've discussed this before, anyone else is still entitled to fail and try again but not me and you, we are done here. Failure is not an option! I will not fail this time, I'm not even afraid of it, I've prepared myself before I even started...I know exactly what's coming... Bring it on ;) Thank you Linda, you're a sweetheart.


Not a very happy day today... A lot of stress all day long! Today was the kind of day that would have driven me back to the cigarettes any other quit. I did not smoke. I thought about it and just the fact that I did think about smoking makes me really angry.

I had a very hard time controlling my emotions today, like I've said many times, I've been here. I've done it before, I know what's news otherwise.

I can't wait to put the monkeys to sleep and go to sleep myself. I've got the feeling tomorrow is not going to be any better workwise.

I'm still here too! :)

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I thought you left me!!!... will you please come back more often?? I'm feeling very lonely here :)

Sorry, no I haven't left. I will try to be on here more often. I am v busy in my personal life atm. I have working on cars, computers and doors!


Another day... Another battle won... Long way to go for the war to be won. I had an extremely busy day, I'm up since 6:30am and haven't literally stopped all day, I wish I could just sit down and take a break but still have one meeting tonight before I go home.

Today was fine, I am very impressed with my hability to walk away, I didn't think I had it in me. I'm more of the explosive type lol

For all the newbies, I've been asked loads of times when does it get easier, well I can tell you that I do not have any cravings at all.

There's the regular thought about smoking... But that's about that. I am having a hard time controlling some emotions such as anger, I do not have anger issues but since I stopped smoking I'm considering taking anger management sessions.

No cravings, still not able to sleep very well, yesterday went to sleep was well past 4am because I was just too stressed.

I did manage through and today I am very happy I did.

Hope everyone is doing great, keep going because it does get easier

Hi Mmaya

Another day, another dollar but you're sailing through them.

I think keeping busy really takes our minds off smoking so with your workload you should have no problems - or at least not too many ;).

It really sounds as if you're settling in to this quit well and truly now so it should continue getting easier and easier.

Even I am finding that my thoughts of smoking are rapidly diminishing but I don't want to tempt fate by speaking too soon - not with my past track record (but we won't talk about that lol).

Keep going, onwards and upwards.:D

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I know too well what do you mean, I'm so so afraid of relapsing that I'm not even telling anyone how far I've gone to avoid the future embarrassment, it's ridiculous!

A friend of mine was away in Latvia and brought me a cart of fags, I realised then that I haven't actually been sharing a word with anyone, the reason being...I'm too embarrassed, failed too many times.

How are you doing?

You should start seeing a huge improvement now as you enter week 9. Promise you! Not that I know about it from experience but from what I've been reading ;)

Good for you Mmaya, I know month 2 is tough defo, mentally as the brain is coming to the last of normalising. You can do it though, imagine you are growing the roots of a tree (neurons) and they are a little painful, but once the growing pains are done, they look and feel beautiful and they were worth every painful moment. peace x

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