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DAY 6 - oh my

What a rollercoaster all this is!! this morning I felt like it was the end of the world and I was clinically depressed, and now I feel quite jolly. Not thinking about fags at all this evening. I went to university today and saw some of my friends, which at the moment being with people is really helping me and im enjoying socialising more as a non smoker to be honest, smoking was always more of a on my own for enjoyment and with people because I was.....well addicted lol.

Everyone on my course seem to be having a melt down at the moment though, I keep I missing something or am I just waiting for my turn to have a melt down? I carry an ecig for emergency only purposes, but ive not felt the need to 'push the red button' yet. I would rather be stupid and puff that, than a real one if I was caught out.

My concentration in class is actually better than when I was smoking but im still too jittery to sit and say write an essay alone on my pc....I seem to need stimulation a lot at the moment?

anyways, seeing an improvement as week 1 is coming to a close (thank you jesus). feeling proud tonight.

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You are doing really well Nikki.

Giving up smoking really is a rollercoaster where our mood swings are concerned - one minute we're up there and then we're in the depths of despair :eek:.

You've got the right approach to nail it this time and I'm sure you'll do it.


Your doing fantastic

I no what u mean about the moods though u just need to ask my husband ha ha

I have felt the same way about being stimulated I need to be doing something all the time I have taken up colouring in them adult colouring books that's really good .

Well done on ur first week I'm about to start y second week on Wednesday so I know how ur feeling xx


Hell week is nearly over, you seem to be in positive spirits considering! Stay strong hun


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