Getting away as a treat by my husband

Firstly i wanted to say thanks for everyone who posts on this forum, its been a real inspiration for me to strive and quit my habit. Its been 3 tough months, but its been getting easier by the day. Now into month 3, my husband has awarded me with a holiday to North Cyprus

Having this forum and also having someone who really supports you at home makes a huge difference!

Thanks to all


3 Replies

  • You so deserve that holiday - well done to your husband for being so thoughtful. Keep striving, keep fighting, keep posting. You have achieved so much and should feel proud.

  • Sharon....I am the first to say quitting was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life and therefore I have got the greatest respect for anyone who even try to quit not to mention succeeding 3 months...Very well done and enjoy Cyprus..You and your husband deserve the holiday !!

  • Huge congratulations Sharon and have a great holiday in Cyprus, what a lovely treat. Very well done you!

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