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Hello everyone. This is my 1st attempt at a thread, so please please someone reply.

I am 51 and female. I have smoked for almost 40 years, with hundreds of attempts to stop. I stopped on November 5th and feel I may make it this time. I am so relieved to not be hurting myself any longer.

The money saved is awesome- its not just the 5-6 pounds a packet, its the mints, chocolate, magazines , the flowers and reduced pizzas that I bought alongside them. I am saving a fortune.

I have not kept the money separate and worry that if it is just absorbed into the household, I may get resentful and lose motivation.

I am thinking of having some filler injections on the horrible lines that smoking has left around my mouth. In one way it seems good to use the money to repair the damage, but I worry that I may be swapping 1 poison for another.

What do you think?


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Hi Sandy

Welcome aboard the non-smoking express!! Congrats on your quit and I hope it is going well!!

I found thta putting the money saved aside and buying myself something nice really helpful in keeping the motivation up - think I might get a new blu-ray system for xmas!

Still I think you will find a lot of friendly, helpful people around here all keen to help, also worth checking out the November quit group: where all us November quitters hang out!!

Anyway good luck and good health!!


Hi John,

Thanks for answering. You reminded me that I joined the November group yesterday, so I just looked and there were messages for me! that is so nice.


Hi Sandy and well done on being on week 3 :)

you should def put the money aside just to show how much your saving and also for a big treat to yourself im confused when you say

I am thinking of having some filler injections on the horrible lines that smoking has left around my mouth. In one way it seems good to use the money to repair the damage, but I worry that I may be swapping 1 poison for another.

how is that swapping one poison for another :confused:

aslong as the treat is going to make you feel better in yourself is the main thing

best regards carol

Hi Carol, well the poison part is the botox or the restylane, but I also meant that people do get addicted to cosmetic procedures-Joan Rivers, Katie Price etc, andf they go too far and look frozen and weird.

But I really hate the lines:)



Sandy - I have kept the money that I am saving separate so that I can visually see what a waste of money smoking was.

So far I have managed to pay in advance for dancing lessons for my daughter, saved £85 for christmas treats, paid a deposit for laser treatment on my teeth in January 2011 and about to book up for botox in Feb. I have a deep line in my forehead (between my eyes) and have wanted it filled for years and so Im going to bite the bullet. No poison is as bad as nicotine!

Treat yourself I say. xx :D


I think the most important thing about the treat is that it is a treat :D So, do whatever you want with it, personally a whole heap of liposuction and breasts implants would make me happy but will need to give up for quite a while for that!

i agree a treat is a treat at the end of the day and whatever makes you feel good is worth it :D

as to the getting addcitive to the cosmetic procedures yeah i know that can happen but you cant let yourself get too worried about that side for most of the people that have cosmetic procedures its just what they want and dont get addicted most of the celebs that say they are addicted do so because then they can sell the story further down the road and get there faces on the news again lol :eek:

best regards carol

Thank you to everyone. I am going to do the filler thing, so exciting.

My best treat ever was when I stopped 4 years ago and got the dog I'd dreamed of for years. But I still started again.

A treat should be a treat, shouldn't it? I mean, not something that you would ordinarily get. All of the above sound like wonderful treats to me, go for it girls! We deserve it. Have just ordered a new pair of Uggs FOR MINE!


What is it with these- they are so expensive and there are lots of cheaper but good quality alternatives. But I want some too.;)

an iPad is my reward... am saving up...

BTW hello, I am Lou - I have just joined November board - last fag 14 Nov - using Champix - struggling today, so found here...


Well done Lou (and everybody else), keep up the good work.

Stay strong - one day it must become easier :-)

I think now it makes me happier to wake up and be able to say that I didn't smoke yesterday than it would to actually smoke.


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