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Hi All,

A previous post has got me thinking about the treats I give myself for reaching a milestone in my quit. Quitting smoking is a real achievement and I reckon we all deserve something a bit nice for doing it :) Not only does this reward me for doing a good job, but it motivates me to keep on going so that I can have my next treat!

These are the things I've treated myself to since I quit:

A kinder egg (I just can't resist the little toys!)

A miniature bottle of baileys (for me this is usually a Christmas thing so it felt really special to have it in February!)

A deliciously self-indulgent afternoon (yes an entire afternoon!) in the bath with fenjal bubbles and a good book!

A new dress

Lollipops for all of my colleagues

What have you treated yourself with? Are you putting away the money you've saved for something special? Are you using the time you've saved to try a new hobby? Even if you're not saving a lot of money by stopping smoking (my boyfriend for example buys rolling tobacco very cheaply) you could still treat yourself for free. I'm interested to know what you're all treating yourself to... (nosy cow aren't I?!)



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I'm not so well disciplined that I can wait for milestones. Deferred gratification is great in principle, but in practice I am shovelling sweeties past my slowly disintegrating teeth with what can only be described as manic ferocity.

And I can't buy new clothes and what have you, as I am saving next to nothing (rollie smoker, probably not saving more than about a fiver a week) and am still broke. :(

However, without wishing to sound pious, the health benefits are enough for me - improvements in breathing, reduction in asthma symptoms - it's one giant treat!


I treated myself to.....................membership of this forum and its been great!!!:eek:


My plan goes as follows; 20 a day, so calculations based on £6.25 per day. Always bought my fags in 40s, so every second day I put £12.50 per day into an unused account.

End of week 1 - 43.75 - New BluRay/DVDs

End of week 3 - 87.50 - New Hillwalking Boots

End of week 8 - £218.75 - An amazing day out - shopping, eating, drinking and gambling in the casino :D

End of month 6 - £775 - Holiday


ooh Fencer, you have it all well worked out.

Unfortunately, I like Hels have spent the bit I have saved on CHOCOLATE; I am now trying to satisfy the urge with carrots (not quite doing it) and raisins (so far ok) and saving up for the dentist, which is no doubt soon required.


Chocolate here too :o

And I had my big dentist bill last year and a huge phobia of going!

The way things are going at the moment I will end up having to treat myself to a new wardrobe in a bigger size!:eek: (and maybe a slimming world membership, lol)


Were going on holiday in August so im putting some money towards spending money + the rest will go on paying bills and treating my son to something :)


I'm going to treat myself to an Indian Head Massage when I get to my first week. It's something I have always wanted and am hoping it will really relax me after a stressful week :)

That sounds perfect. I love a massage.

I havent' really treated myself to anything. My Mum bought me tickets to the cinema to say well done and DH spoilt me at xmas. Think my treat to myself will have to be being kinder to my body after all the rubbish I have pumped into it over the last 4.5 mths


Bought a new pair of hillwalking boots last night. Spent £140 on them - more than I've ever spent on boots. Best of it is, money completely came from what I would have spent smoking. To think that one month ago, I would have grudged spending £140 on a pair of boots and went for the £40 hitec ones. Hmm... gives me a good feeling that I am doing the right thing here.

Save for a 50" TV now I think :)


How fabulous! Keep up the good work and you'll be watching that giant TV in no time! Take your boots off tho when you put your feet up infront of your new purchase !!!!

Only on Day3 myself but have started a jar of money off so hopefully I'll be in the same position as you in a few weeks!


lemon merangue pie doughnuts? Gotta find me some of them.

I too have saved no money because hubby got baccy cheap and he still smokes it. So it is very frustrating that i am not seeing financial benefits. however i am still treating myself so more skint than ever. Oh well you cant take it with you. If i dont spend it, he will smoke it.


well done julie

congratulations. I found the first 3 days the hardest because you are coming to terms with the idea of stopping smoking. Day 4 you will feel lots of the benefits so that pushes you onwards. Keep going and remember why you are doing it.


I am sure I remember you saying early on in your quit that boots were one of the things you were going to buy. Bet it was a brilliant feeling getting them.:)

How fabulous! Keep up the good work and you'll be watching that giant TV in no time! Take your boots off tho when you put your feet up infront of your new purchase !!!!

Only on Day3 myself but have started a jar of money off so hopefully I'll be in the same position as you in a few weeks!

Thanks you two :D

Good luck Juliee, and well done so far x


hi all im new to the forum but this is day 15 of no smoking for me using champix like the others im not seeing any savings as my hubby is still smoking and i buy his smokes as hes not working at the moment but my son took me and hubby out for a meal last week to say well done for getting this far


I'm probably not going to notice the extra money as I'm more frugal than I need to be anyway. But I have been treating myself to all things sweet without feeling guilty. After all, soon I'll be able to take up running without feeling like I'm going to faint and burn it all off.

Tiramisu, here I come :p


Hi all,

Well me and OH have bought brand new mountain bikes. Main reason is we can now afford them and the other reason is because we are getting fatter :D because we don't smoke.

Next on the list is an XBox 360 :D



:) Hi Angie, I make my own greeting cards, so ny spare cash goes on buying stuff for that. I have not eaten any big chocolate bars for quite a while, and not missing them either. Sip from my water bottle is the next best thing, and the occadional nice cake. All the best for your quit. Jacqui


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