No Smoking Day
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34 weeks!

Can hardly believe it!

I love that a cigarette isn't the first thing I want when I get up or the last thing before going to bed. I love that when the weather is awful I don't have to go out because I must get my packet of cigs. I love that my clothes don't smell. I love that I don't smell. I love that my hair smells clean and fresh. I love that I don't have to rush back from work so I can light up. I love that when I give a little cough, it is just that, without that smokers crackle that always gives away a smoker.

Do I still miss that heady feeling of the first drag after a long gap - I was about to say yes I do - but, you know what, no I don't think I do. Do I miss that chunk of cash going out of my account each month - a resounding No.

So, hard as it has been - and I'm certainly not complacent - it has been worth it. I'll continue the fight.

Stick with it, everyone. Please believe me (and I know it's difficult) when I say it does get easier. If you are struggling to get through hour by hour, you won't always feel that way. I promise.

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That's great Chickweed and just what I'm aiming for.

You've proved it can be done and the benefits speak for themselves.

Keep going and don't look back.

Well done. x


Well done Chickweed and thank you for a very encouraging post for us behind you, keep going strong:)


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