No Smoking Day
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Yippee....14 Days

The title says it all: I am on day 14 and going strong.

Feeling much better and the tiredness subsided a little bit.(Maybe I learned to live with it ?)

Being my first quit in 38 years I got all the symptoms of all the quitters on the forum and are afraid of the time coming.

I am glad to say that there are no serious cravings but still find myself reaching for my cigarettes in my top pocket "even if I had a shirt without a top pocket"

The worst one was when I snoozed away watching TV last night.

I Jumped up when I feel the cigarette falling out of my hand ! It was so real that I could even hear it fall.

I could only stand there and laugh at myself !!! and wondered if it will take another 38 years to get used to the idea of not smoking !!!!!!

My biggest award so far was when my 5 year old grand daughter was giving me a hug with the words: You smell nice Gramps!!!

PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!

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Excellent, well done. Sweet grandchild sends the message home loud and clear, good for her.


Thank you Canwes

With that words she convinced me to never smoke again !!!!!


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