No Smoking Day
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second week day 8

Day eight, whew, not smoking and feeling more positive. One positive is that if I never smoke again I will never have to go through day six and seven, as they were the worse ones for me so far. Cravings never seemed to let up. Actually happy I managed to resist. Can't believe I used the word happy but they were so bad that I am happy or should the word be relieved, well.................until the next craving.

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You got through them so well done to you and it is your resolve that got you through those days. :cool:


Be happy!

It's fantastic that you were strong enough to get through days like those - you're amazing and deserve a massive pat on the back/new pair of shoes/box of special chocolates (delete as appropriate!)

Really really well done you, and good luck!


Excellent Mandyj. It's still gonna be tough for a while but not as tough so now you know you can do it.


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