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2nd day of not smoking (Cold Turkey)

Hi, I'm Bex.

I'm a 30 year old mum to 3 young children and have finally decided to quit for good.

I have tried a few times in the past but obviously was not successsful but I think that was partly due to me not really in the right frame of mind to quit as I actually enjoy smoking.

However since being diagnosed with Cancer just before Christmas 2012 I had decided I wanted to quit then and there. I was however in a really bad place and the stress of not smoking was actually making me feel worse while trying to come to terms with what the next months were going to be like for me with the chemo. ops and radiotherapy. I'm nearly at the end of my Chemo treatment, Just another session in 2.5 weeks time and then I shall probably be going into hospital for my ops soon after.

The Cancer isn't smoking related but has spurred me on to quit anyway.

It's my 2nd day of not smoking and I'm surprised at how easy it has been so far. I haven't even really thought about a cig but did find myself looking for the ashtray about an hour ago. When I realised what I was doing, I just stopped and sat back down. I didn't even want a cig, I supose it's just out of habbit I got up to get the ashtray. Wish I could throw the Ashtray out but My husband won't quit.:(

I'm saving the money each day and putting it into a new saving account so we can have a nice family holiday next year.

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Hi Bex and welcome

Sorry to here about the cancer and treatment. Hope it all going well for you.

Good luck with the quit. Keep focused and don't forget you have three young children around. They need there Mon so do everything you can to aid your recovery. No smoking has got to be a big plus.


Massive well done to you Bex in quitting smoking and fighting cancer. Choosing cold turkey is the best method in quitting smoking. I'm biased though and have good reasons for it.

Sounds like you are having the first 3 days easy like i did but be-warned and prepared for when it does hit you.

When times do get rough try not to get stressed out with the kids and quitting. Don't use the kids either as an excuse to start smoking again.

Good luck and be strong girl. xxx


I have tried a few times in the past but obviously was not successsful but I think that was partly due to me not really in the right frame of mind to quit as I actually enjoy smoking.

For all of us that have failed a previous quit we've all said the same thing.

"I Enjoy smoking" was always an automated response to any suggestion of quitting but you don't have to be off them long to realise we didn't enjoy it one bit.

Wishing you a speedy journey to that realisation! :)


Good for you Bex. Time will fly by now you are nearly half way through your first week, pity about the old man. Bet it was a bit stressful with your illness too. Well done on making the decision. With your determination I'm sure you'll conquer that horrible disease too. David


Hey Bex what austin says is pure genius. dont worry about thinking that because your finding it easy that it will somehow get harder and bite you from behind .i too found it easy and wondered when it would get tough but reaally it didnt its only ever been interesting at its worst and mindblowingly enlightening at best the bit inbetween was like waiting for a bus that always came.



Hi Bex

hello and welcome to the forum...sorry to hear about the cancer :( but congratulations on your quit...Well done


Hi Bex.

Congratulations on your quit .. stick in there. I'm on day two as well !


Hi Bex. Welacome to the forum. You have made a fantastic decision and maybe that is why you are finding it easy. Good luck with the rest of your treatment and remember you are making the best decision of your life!


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