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This Quit Needs To Be Final - Day 2

It is nice to promote myself into "Day 2" of the forum. Great to be on a quit again. I feel good and really positive and just want to keep feeling this way. I wouldn't expect to not face difficult times but just need to be strong when they arrive. I am going to try and have a relatively relaxing day today and get out for a run just before tea time. I will post again later.

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Excellent, your doing great, keep it up. With your positive attitude I can't imagine you'll have any issues today.


Passed through the 48 hour barrier and today has been a good day. Went out a run earlier and ran as hard as possible getting all that anxiety and tension out of my body. Worked a treat because I felt great just after. Sitting in the bath now relaxing which again is something I rarely do but this quit is all about doing things differently and doing the right things. Trying to not eat too much rubbish, get some exercise, stay calm, relax if possible, have some lonely time to reflect and finally, get to bed at a decent time. Basically take care of myself while my body heals and readjusts.


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