No Smoking Day
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Day 13 .... hopefully back in the right place!!!

Well yesterday was an awful day ..... and if I am honest I think the feelings were all in my head and not physical!!!

Well I have no nail this now ..... i am telling myself that I never re-started after my 8 year quit!!! Difficult though as I had forgotten that I smoked then and now I have to remind myself I really am ok and dont need to smoke - the scratchy sore throat should be proof of that!!!! Well there you go all my fellow quitters = have a fab day :-))))

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Shaz, for me one of the strongest urge days was just last week which was 3 weeks in, crazy but I guess that's how it goes. I fully expect to have bad days like that from time to time but I also fully believe each one will be a little easier to resist the temptation. As the weeks go by I think it's easy to become comfortable in the fact that we got this quit thing all figured out, that when we let our gaurds down and may slip. Don't give in, don't get comfortable, don't stop fighting for what you know is right for your body, and recognize this battle continues for a very long time. Your already winning so all you have to is continue what your doing, which is saying NOPE!


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