Day 12

Well hello all .....,, here we are waking up to day 12 and feeling like i have lost something again today ....... Being the stress head about myself I am - I am worrying and thinking something wrong so why not have a ciggie ......I know it's trying to fool me ...... I do know my tast is back and not coughing so much in mornings - defo coughing but cold I think x oh well will pop back later

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  • Congratulations Shazbog :) That a girl! You are doing really REALLY well. First few weeks are tough. I can definitely relate to the feelings you describe. Another acronym I have come across is HALT hungry, angry, lonely, thirsty, tired. In other words check out what you are really feeling or needing. I definitely used to smoke whenever I had a feeling I didn't understand or couldn't control. I have gradually learnt to understand what my real feelings are beyond I WANT A FAG NOW!! (Stamp foot!!).

    What you have achieved is incredible, make sure you reward yourself and give yourself whatever you need. Give the demanding princess within whatever she wants at the moment, except a cigarette.

    Have good day - rooting for you!

  • Thank you ........ today is turning into a nightmare day and I am finding it so very very hard to stay strong ....... disagreement with my 16 year old and work problems and all the time the little nicotine monster in my head saying ..... go on one wont hurt - but i know different which is why i am back here witj these feelings after being a non smoker for 8 years ......... but then i wonder why /???/ Oh dear well i will try to keep busy - i used the same couple of leftover cigs in a box this time and have not touched them - did this last time i succeeded the quit last time - must not touch them - they are my security blanket !!!!!!! help talk to me x

  • Be strong Sharon. You know Nic is deceiving you big time at times like this. You've done this before you can do it again. we're all rooting for you.

  • Hi Sharon, hang in there girl you CAN do this, you have done it before, deep breathing plenty of water, don't let it beat you, we are right behind you.😀

  • Hi Sharon

    Nearly two weeks, don't stop now. You know you're nearly through the worst. NOPE. Doing great - will strong sweets help, I used sherbet lemons 😁

  • Every stress life throws at you gives you another chance to prove how strong you can be. You CAN get through anything without resorting to smoking! Honest, you can! xx

  • Well that is it ........ It is bedtime and I done it NO RELAPSE!!!! Trying not to dread tomorrow being worse!!!! Oh my how begative are my posts becoming ......must try harder to be more positive x thank you all so very much for the wonderful support I have received today and every day - means a lot xx

    Well tomorrow is another day x and almost completed the two weeks - wow x

  • One thing I would like to ask is has anyone else felt very tired during their quit ..... I am just wanting to sleep all the time?

  • Shazbob, For me in the early days (first two weeks) sleep was a blessing. When I slept I didn't crave and for that alone I was happy to sleep as much as possible, it was a way to buy time.

    The other thing for me at least was if I'm staying up late it can involve having a drink or two, so resistance becomes weaker and temptation greater, this compounds the reason to just go to sleep early and have no regrets in the morning. Now I'm a month in and am feeling a lot more comfortable with my regular schedule.

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