No Smoking Day
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99 days

14 weeks and one day quit. Still having the odd day when I think I want to smoke but I do really believe I'm over the worst now, seems quite normal not smoking. I've put away my ecig now, I know I promised myself I would totally discard it when I reached 3 months, but I'm a little scared of ditching it completely, but I haven't used it now for 6 days, so I guess the time will come when I realise I don't need any crutches.

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Yeah for Spain – that means your triple digits tomorrow, how exciting!!!:D

Just so happy for you Spanisheyes, you've done good!! ...xx


Well done Spanish we are really proud of you, in relation to your ecig is it just a flavoured one with no nicotine ?

Look forward to the next 99 days :0)


0 nicotine in my ecig but I don't really want to depend on it. I have many friends here who quit smoking but still vape after many months and in some cases years of quitting analogs. I want to be totally free from any form of smoking.


Very nice Spanish. Staying strong, and I do understand that transition into not smoking being the new normal. I have been off the champix for a week now, and for about four weeks prior to that a tiny dose. That small dose was my crutch. I reckon you'll be discarding the vape machine very soon. Well done to you.


That's great if they can give you the support in the early months, but if you start to depend on that as well it could be an issue, well done in your achievement


Spanish this is such wonderful news, like you said over the worst, be proud, I am proud of you.



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